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Soundproofing & Insulation 

Our commitment to innovation and problem solving ensures our clients in the soundproofing & insulation sector are able to rely on us to give the best solution every time.

Our insulation and soundproofing range offers noise reduction, cushioning insulation and fire rated products.  These are used extensively in many sectors including automotive, construction, caravan and leisure industries, refrigeration, air conditioning and modular construction. 

Our tape product range offers sealing, cushioning, insulation, protection, and acoustic products in a wide range of formats. Rolls, sheets, strips, even die-cut gaskets with or without single or double-sided adhesive backings.​

Our adhesive product range offers sealants & adhesives including: silicone, MS polymers, hybrids/spurs, contact adhesive, super glues, and high strength structural adhesives.​

We work closely with our clients, often from the concept and design stage to ensure the correct cost-effective bonding solution is achieved

  • Adhesive foam sheets

  • Acoustic membrane sheeting

  • Acoustic panelling

  • Insulation boarding

  • Floor foam insulation

  • Thermal insulation

  • Underfloor cushioning & sound absorption 

  • Contact adhesive (spatula, roller and spray)

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